Journal of Drug Discovery and Patient Safety



Journal of Drug Discovery and Patient Safety (JDDPS) is an is an international peer reviewed, scientific and specialized journal emphasizing pharmaceutical research and factors related to patient safety.

Articles and experimental data from across the field of drug research address not only the issue of drug discovery and patient safety, but also the scientific and statistical procedures for evaluating results from clinical trials and investigations.

JDDPS aims to provide an academic display place for scientists, researchers, scholars and academia for the discussion and distribution of novel ideas, basic and experimental theories, innovations, opinions and latest research in the field of pharmaceutical science or interlinked medical disciplines to publish their scientific work as detailed as possible.

All submissions to the JDDPS undergo a loyal, supportive, and double-blind peer-review process. All articles are immediately available to read and reuse upon publication. Articles published in JDDPS enables user/ reader/ peer to use the content with clear permission in a way that it can be reused and redistributed as long as the article source is appropriately given credit for non-commercial purpose.

Journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

JDDPS welcomes direct submissions of manuscripts from authors to the submission portal in website and also through as an attachment.

Publishing sir times a year, Drug Discovery and Patient Safety includes original research articles, literature reviews, reviews, mini-reviews, commentaries, special reports, clinical cases, and short communications and notes either experimental or theoretical in the following areas:

Scope of the Journal But not Limited to:

Analytics applied to clinical trials
Anticancer drug development
Antidiabetic drugs
Antimicrobial drug development
Cell biology
Chemistry and biochemistry
Clinical and experimental pharmacology
Clinical and hospital pharmacy
Computational chemistry
Drug development research
Drug interactions
Drug research and discovery process
Efficacy testing
Genomics and proteomics
Herbal drug development

Industrial pharmacy
Molecular drug design
Pharmaceutical analysis
Pharmaceutical technology
Pharmaceutical/medicinal chemistry
Pharmacy practice
Phases of drug development
Preclinical drug development
Translational drug development